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DCS F-16C Viper Pre Ordering Opened By: Element on 5.24.19

Digital Combat Simulator now taking pre-orders for the much anticipated DCS F-16C Viper. If you order before its lunch this fall, you can save 20%.

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DCS F-14 Tomcat released and it is a game changer By: Element on 3.13.19

Today Digital Combat Simulator released its latest flagship module. The much anticipated F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations. For the past couple of days, the community has been up in a frenzy preparing for its release.

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DCS Server Control Setting It all Up Properly By: Element on 3.1.19

DCS Releases there much anticipated DCS Dedicated Server Control and we are going to show you how to use it step by step.

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Open Invitation From the 299th By: Element on 2.27.19

If you enjoy flying the Huey or even the Mi8 for that matter, our friends over at 299th B Company are offering an open invitation to all dedicated pilots.

DCS World F16 Block 50

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DCS World F-16 Block 50 Viper Announced By: Element on 2.15.19

Digital Combat Simulator has just officially announced DCS World F-16 Block 50 Viper with its build phase and it’s going to be an amazing module.

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DCS World Lunar New Year Sale – 2019 By: Element on 2.1.19

Well, folks our good friends at Digital Combat Simulator has just announced a brand new sale. They are calling this the Lunar New Year Sale and you can save up to %50 off of most items.

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WORLDS APART – Spring 2025 DCS World UH-1 Huey Campaign Coming Soon By: Element on 1.24.19

Developed by Low-Level-Heaven, Worlds Apart 2025 will be a story-driven campaign for the UH-1 Huey! and boy does this look awesome!


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Christen Eagle II Released by DCS World By: Element on 1.19.19

Digital Combat Simulator has now released the controversial Christen Eagle II. That’s right folks. Who knew that a new module by DCS World would be controversial.



No Longer On DCS World Hiatus By: Element on 1.19.19

After about a 3 month hiatus from DCS World and developing content, I am back and in full effect. Come and check out a few things to come for 2019.

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