Dubai Under Siege - A Huey Adventure

DCS World: Dubai Under Siege – A Huey Adventure

This is a mission series for DCS World and the UH-1 Huey module. While most…

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DCS F-16C Viper Pre Ordering Opened

Digital Combat Simulator announced today that the long-awaited DCS F-16C Viper is now on sale…

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DCS F-14 Tomcat released and it is a game changer

Today Digital Combat Simulator released its latest flagship module. The much anticipated DCS F-14 Tomcat…

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DCS Server Control Setting It all Up Properly

Digital Combat Simulator releases DCS Server Control with the most recent update. Starting with update…

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Open Invitation From the 299th

It's no secret. At the moment the Huey is my all-time favorite module for DCS.…

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DCS World F16 Block 50

DCS World F-16 Block 50 Viper Announced

What a  great day so far. 90% of us working class do love Fridays. It…

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DCS World Lunar New Year Sale – 2019

Well, folks our good friends at Digital Combat Simulator has just announced a brand new…

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WORLDS APART – Spring 2025 DCS World UH-1 Huey Campaign Coming Soon

Coming soon to Digital Combat Simulator is a new UH-1 Huey campaign for the Caucasus…

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Christen Eagle II Released by DCS World

Digital Combat Simulator has now released the controversial Christen Eagle II. That's right folks. Who…

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