Christen Eagle II Released by DCS World

January 19, 2019
Photo By Ryno – Christen Eagle II

Digital Combat Simulator has now released the controversial Christen Eagle II. That’s right folks. Who knew that a new module by DCS World would be controversial. Don’t believe me? Well just hope over to the DCS Forums and search for “Christen Eagle” and read away. No matter what your take on this module, at the end of the day its a truly fun aircraft to fly.

Christen Eagle II

So just what is this new module? The Christen Eagle II is an aerobatic biplane manufactured by Christen Aviat. Its first flight was flown in February of 1977. The Eagle II was marketed as a kit plane for homebuilding which later revolutionized the homebuilding industry. It’s a two-seater with all manual controls but with dual controls. So you can fly this unit in the front or back seat. The thrust to weight ratio for this plan is outstanding. Combine that with its amazing lift you get a very nimble and I mean nimble aircraft. Only if it had weapons uh.

So far there have been a few great videos posted on YouTube about the Eagle II. Here is a couple of my favorite.


In Closing

Just imingne flying this in VR. I personally do not understand the negative fuss about this module and I welcome it. It gives DCS Fans more options for the game. And simply because we now have a civilian aircraft, that doesn’t take “combat” away in Digital Combat Simulator. Hell if it really bothers you that much, why not just use the Christen Eagle II for target practice? Damit we all can find a use for it.


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