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Digital Combat Simulator announced today that the long-awaited DCS F-16C Viper is now on sale for pre-ordering. That’s right! If you want to save 20% then now is the time to purchase!

DCS F-16C Viper

The F-16 Viper is a single-engine multirole fighter jet that can reach supersonic speeds. Originally developed by General Dynamics in the mid-1970s. In January 1975, the Air Force ordered eight full-scale development F-16s six single-seat F-16A and a pair of two-seat F-16B for testing and evaluations.  The F16 is known as the work-horse of the United States Airforce with over 4,600 units being built since its production was approved. The F-16’s original name is actually The Fighting Falcon. But the crews and pilots thought it resembled a viper snake so they have unofficially named it Viper.

F-16 Block 50

Set to be released early this Fall, the DCS F-16C Viper will be the Block-50 variant. Primarily designed as an air superiority daytime fighter with its Sidewinders and AmRaams capabilities it also can carry a multitude of Air-to-Ground weapons. Rockets, Mavericks, Laser Guided Bombs just to name a few.

Easter Egg

After watching the Introduction Video by Wags of the DCS F-16C Viper, did you guys notice the map he was flying on? Could this possibly be the upcoming Syria or South Atlantic Map?

In Closing

I am so super excited about this module from DCS. Been a big fan of the F-16 since my childhood so getting in the cockpit of this thing will be a dream come true. Yes, I’m speaking as if I’m flying the real thing because I fly in VR only. (smile) Not flying in VR yet? Then you really should be. I said it once, and I’ll say it again, this will become my main and most favorite mod when released. Hell, I may even decide to join or even start a squadron.

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