Digital Combat Simulator releases DCS Server Control with the most recent update. Starting with update you will now have access to this control panel to help administer your dedicated server. You will be able to do things such as Start/Pause/Stop Mission, Run missions from lists, Change/update server options, setup mission process indicators and more.

DCS Remote Server Control

Keep in mind that the DCS Server control is not actual stand-alone software with its own dedicated .exe and dll files. Its just an DCS start option. You can actually continue to host your missions the standard way as well, this is just an added feature or bonus.

Running the DCS Server Control is simple and today I’m going to walk you step by step thru the process. So lets get started!

Run a Dedicated Server

At its first release the server can only be started manually from the windows command prompt. Here are the following server options you may use.

— server
Will run DCS in ‘server’ mode where the simulator is started as a server with the first mission in list.

Will run DCS without 3D rendering which will save up server resources.

server started as normal (with 3D rendering and GUI enabled) and you can control it via web interface. (How Cool is that!)

Example Usage

First, you will need to open your windows command prompt and navigate to your DCS World/bin folder. This is where all the magic will happen.
“C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\ “

windows cmd

“dcs.exe –server —norender
Server is started without rendering 3D Graphics and launches the first mission in serverSettings.lua missions list

“dcs.exe —webgui
DCS is started as usual with full 3D rendering and server can be controlled via web

example on running server

Run Several Servers On One Machine

You may also run several DCS servers or instances from the same install by using different write folders for each one with the “-w” command line parameter. (W is for write). Just make sure each server/instance has its own separate port and HTTP port for the web gui so server will not conflict with each other.

The HTTP port can be changed by editing the webgui_port line in file autoexec.cfg: ie: “webgui_port = 12345”

Shutdown Server

Currently the only way to shut down the server is to cancel/terminate the process using windows task manager.

Controlling Your Sever

You have 2 options when it comes to controlling your sever. 1. Server is started locally on your home gaming machine. 2. Your server is started remotely because its physically located somewhere and access remotely.

Remote Server Control :

For remote control to work your DCS servers use TCP port 8088 by default. But this can be changed if needed. This port has to be opened on the server’s router for remote control your server. UPNP routers will open this port automatically (this feature is currently a work in progress and currently does not always work reliably).

For remote control of the DCS server, the control PC (or device) has to be logged in into your DCS account on the DCS homepage. NOTE: your PC and server should be logged in the same account! You can’t control servers started from different DCS accounts.

In order to get control open your Profile page and select your server or visit URL: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/personal/server/

Local Server Control :

You may use the same as for the Remove Server Control. You just have to be logged into the SAME DCS Account.


You may open “WebGui\index.html” from your DCS base directory. (ie: ”
C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\”). This option allows local server control without forwarding port 8088 and logging into a DCS account on the DCS homepage.

In Closing

I personally think this is a great little utility to help administer your dedicated servers with DCS. I know a few may be a little disappointed that this is not an actual standalone software, but this still gets the job done. And remember this is only another option that you have to host your DCS servers. You can still host your server the old fashion way – and sometimes its actually still better to do so depending on your situation.


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