DCS World F16 Will Become My Most Favorite Module

August 18, 2018

f16-dcs-world F16 DCS World Module

I have been a fan of Digital Combat Simulator World for some time now. While I do not own every module currently available but I do own a few. And I have to tell you – with all the modules I have own and I have flown. My most favorite module to date is the Bell UH-1 Huey. It was a beast to master. But once I did, it’s the most fun flying aircraft I have experienced with DCS World to date. I enjoy the Huey even more than the FA/18 Hornet which is DCS’s most current flagship module.  For now…

Iron Eagle

Even before the release of the module, I am going to declare that the upcoming F-16 module will take over as my most favorite module for DCS. The F-16 module was announced in a DCS World Weekend Newsletter back in April of 2018 and fans like myself have been buzzed about it ever since.  

Me and the F16 has somewhat of a little history. While I have never had the pleasure of sitting behind the cockpit, this aircraft has been my dream craft for as long as I can remember. My family lived near a US Air Force base in southern Georgia – the state that is – when I was very  young. I can recall seeing many F16s just lined up on the airfields parking zones. Me and my family would be amazed at how beautiful it looked when I attended airshows at the base.

Iron Eagle

What really locked in the F16 as being my dream craft is the movie series “Iron Eagle” which came out in 1986. I can remember as a kid sitting directly in front of the television and my mom saying, “get away from that TV before you go blind”. Yes, I was setting that close.  Often I would fantasize as a kid that I was “Doug Masters” who was  getting trained by “Chappy” and giving him hell as a trainee.

In Closing

I did not go deep into the stats of the F16 Fighting Falcon as I plan on doing a full markup in my “Aircraft of DCS World” blog series which is currently in the works. But know that this aircraft is known as the “Workhorse” of the USAF. This weapon is also the primary attack and defense a aircraft for many nations around the globe. With those two statements alone tells you, this is a weapons system not to be handled lightly. I can only think of one reason for this module to NOT become my most favorite. That would be if DCS where to not make this a clickable cockpit and add this to the Flaming Cliffs line up. I would be crushed. But as a lifelong fan of the F16, I am just ecstatic about its release. I am sure it will be released in about Two More Weeks. Until next time. Peace.


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