No Longer On DCS World Hiatus

January 19, 2019

DCS World

First and foremost let me apologize for my extended hiatus from developing missions as well as blog post. Ah hell DCS World altogether. I have been away from things for about the past 3 months. Took time out to finalize a few projects from my 9-5 and also to spend the holidays with the family. I had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday season might I add. During my little times off I did get in a little game time but not as much as in the past.

But it’s a new year and I now want to focus more on my blog, developing missions, and getting a couple servers back up and running. So far I have been developing missions for my beloved Huey. I will soon offer mission for the hornet and other aircraft as I want to provide a variety of mission for different DCS modules. Oh yeah, I have some plans for 2019 baby!

Things to come

Missions: Although I love designing and coding missions for DCS World, at times it can be a little time-consuming. And maybe this has a little to do on my part because I can tend to get carried away when designing missions. I’m working on that. But I think I have come up with a more efficient development plan to help me better knock out missions. I will continue to develop Huey missions as its currently my most favorite module, but I plan on sharpening up my skills in the F/A 18 Hornet soon so expect missions for this module as well.

Mission Editor Tutorials: Also starting this year I will be providing mission development tutorials. Via the editor and also with Lua coding. While there are many great utilities and packages available to assist in your mission development, my current framework of choice is MOOSE.

Dynamic Dedicated Servers: You are capable of doing some really awesome things within DCS once you starting coding your mission in lua or using a framework. From live maps, asynchronous data communication, dynamic missions and just tons of fun stuff.

In Closing

It actually feels good to be back playing DCS World on a regular. Its been fun catching up with old friends on the AOL server for some fun flying. And I have already knocked out my first mission of the year. These are just a few things I have on the drawing board for 2019. I truly believe it’s going to be an exciting year for Digital Combat Simulator and its fans. And let’s not forget the F-14 Tomcat and the F-16 Falcon/Viper is expected to be released. When? Well, let us hope it’s within the next 2 weeks.


About the Author: Im just a Web Developer, Freelancer, DCS Pilot & Mission Designer, Poet, Singer (in my head), Blogger, Producer, Sea Food Lover who loves the feel of cool beach sand running thru my toes...


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