Well, folks our good friends at Digital Combat Simulator has just announced a brand new sale. They are calling this the Lunar New Year Sale and you can save up to %50 off of most items. Now, of course, they do have some exceptions to this. The newly released Christen Eagle II and A-10C Enemy Within 3.0 Campaign and also the upcoming 14 Tomcat are excluded. But that still leaves you with a ton of great modules, campaign, and yes even additional maps to play with. All on sale until February 14 2019.

So what are you going to purchase?

DCS World Persian Gulf Map – Strait of Hormuz

Let me be a little frank. If you are only flying on the Caucasus map then you are not getting the full DCS experience and as a matter of fact, I can’t even take you seriously. Okay – I’m just kidding but really, you do realize that DCS has presented us some GREAT terrains to play with. The Persian Gulf Map for DCS World which focuses on the Strait of Hormuz is actually my most favorite. Its freaking beautiful in VR. The Nevada Test and Training Range Map (NTTR) and Normandy 1944 maps are awesome as well in their own right.

Get yourself a helicopter

Can’t argue that the F/A Hornet is truly an awesome module. Allthgough the current F-15 does not have a clickable cockpit, it is still a fun and exciting plan to fly. But let me be the one to tell you that the hidden-gems in Digital Combat Simulator are its line of helicopters.

If you do decide to purchase a helicopter I highly and recommend the UH-1 Huey. But be warned – this is the most difficult module to learn for DCS World. (In my own personal option) Yet so far this is the most fun you can have flying. And of course, I’m going to say it again – it looks freak AWESOME in VR. Dude…get VR. While you are learning this beast of a machine, its going to piss you off on how hard it can be to control. But I promise you, once you tame her, she is the most wounderful module to date available for DCS.

In Closing

If you missed the winter sale or any other sale from 2018, now is the time to redeem and treat yourself. As a fanboy of DCS i’m going to love just about everything they decide to put out and its times like these we have to take advantage of the gracious offer they have presented to us. So go ahead break out that wallet or purse, place the credit card in hand, and go get to ordering.

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