Georgia Reign DCS Multiplayer Server

Georgia Reign Multiplayer Server

Welcome to the Georgia Reign DCS World multiplayer Server brought to you by The Fraternity Sim.

⟽ ★ The Fraternity Sim Server - Georgia Reign v1.9 ★ ⟾

Current mission: Georgia Reign. The Russians have crossed over into Georgia and have taken over 2 airfields (Guadauta, and Sukumi) and have also taken positions in the north, just south of the Caucasus Mtns. We are going to liberate areas taken over by enemy forcese as well as reclaim our two airfields. We will then take over there base at Sochi-Adler which highly defended.

★ Your Tasks ★
++ Provide CAP/No-fly zone coverage over the Caucasus Mtns. and keep out all enemy threats including fighters and bombers.
+ Take back town of Zugdidi and other enemy ground positions in N. Georgia.
+ Take back our airfields by destroying the enemy SAM sites and ground targets.
+ After we retake Sukumi and Gudauta, we will strike and take over Sochi. (Sochi greatly defended)
+ Complete military logistical tasks (e.g. build SAM sites, insert troops into battles, etc.)

Zugdidi Gnd Battle : Gnd Units at Zugdidi will respawn when defeated.

Helos @ FARP London use F10 to select a task

*Task-based missions currently only @ FARP London.

★ Tankers ★
ARCO - 251 MHz - TCN 52X @13kft
SHELL - 252 MHz - TCN 53X @10kft
TEXACO - 253 MHz - TCN 54X @18kft

★ Carriers ★
CVN-74 John C. Stennis - 124 MHz AM - TCN 37X - ICLS 14X
LHA-1 Tarawa - 124.2 MHz AM - TCN 38X

Overlord - 255 MHz AM

★ FARPs ★
London - 134 MHz AM - ADF 51 MHz FM
Dallas - 135 MHz AM - ADF 52 MHz FM

★ Chat Servers ★
TeamSpeak: ts.thefraternitysim.com
Simple Radio: Coming Soon

★ Server Rules ★
No team killing - please be nice
Be mindful of air traffic / use ATC
Takeoff/Land from runway only
Have a great time!
*Server Restarts every 6 Hours.

Server info Info
Chat Servers
Discord: https://discord.gg/5BhQqZC Team Speak: ts.thefraternitysim.com Simple Radio: srs.thefraternitysim.com:5002
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