DCS World Releases the Yak-52 in Early Access

August 3, 2018

DCS World Yak-52 DCS World Yak-52

Well folks! Rather you like it or not the DCS Yak-52 has arrived. Today Digital Combat Simulator World released its latest module and its not the normal module you would expect. No it’s not a super fast and sleek jet that can hold enough missiles to level a small town. And nope! It’s not going to be your next heavy lifter when your developing your next transport mission. This my friends is DCS World’s’ very first trainer aircraft. No guns, No missiles, and its not a speed demon. Let’s discuss the Yak 52.

Its official name is The Yakovlev Yak-52. An aircraft that was the primary trainer of the Soviet Union when it first flew back in 1977. Produced by Aerostar in the city of Romania from 1977-1988 it actually had a completely different make. It was known as the “Lak-52”. As a cousin of the single seated Yakovlev Yak-50, the two seater Yak-52 was designed to be an aerobatic trainer. Most aircraft coming out of the Soviet Union were designed to function well in very rugged environments and conditions. This is no exception.

This trainer sports a 360hp nine-cylinder Vedeneyev M14P piston-engine, retractable tricycle landing gear, and has an all metal construction. There is a drawback to all of that power provided by its engine. If you do not wish to fly aerobatics then you pay heavily in fuel consumption. Like most powerful engines, it likes to drink a lot of fuel. With its inverted fuel and oil systems the Yak 52 can fly inverted for up to two minutes which is this one reason this makes for a fantastic aerobatic aircraft. Although pilots have stated the plane as being very responsive, they also have stated it is very easy to fly and land.

DCS World Controversy

DCS World YAK 52DCS World enthusiast from all around have voiced their opinions about the release of a non military aircraft. After reading messages about this on Facebook and the DCS World forums I can understand both sides view point. How do I personally feel about it? I actually do not have any feelings about it at all. I say bring on the civilian aircraft. It would be nice additions to this ecosystem. Fact of the matter is that if you are not into civilian aircraft then no need to purchase or develop missions for the module. Simple as that. I do not believe that DCS allowing civilian aircraft will take away from its core fan base which are pilots looking to shoot something down, but just as a nice addition to compliment the wars that we create in the editor.

At the end of the day, DCS has made a marketing move that I do believe will benefit them in them in a positive way in the long run. Hell at this point I would love to see a transport aircraft like the C130 Hercules or C17 Globemaster become part of the DCS family.


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