Digital Combat Simulator F/A-18C Hornet gets its Vapors

August 29, 2018

DCS World F/A-18C Hornet

With today’s update from Digital Combat Simulator, they offered us a very nice and much welcomed treat. Its flagship module the F/A-18 Hornet now has full body Vapors and I have to tall ya, it looks magnificent. If you have stuck with my blog up to this point, you already know that I fly mainly in VR. When you pull a hard G and look too over your shoulder and there is white vapors all around you, there is no better feeling. That is truly something that 2D just can not offer you.

DCS World F/A18 Hornet Vapors

But this topic is not about why I love VR. We will leave that blog post free for another day. The additional of body vapors for the aircraft was not listed on the official update. You have to love Digital Combat Simulator for giving use these little treats every know and again. But alas, along with our surprise we are also getting reports of a few bugs with today’s update. Some are reporting poor performance in multiplayer and in VR. But we have to remember we are talking about the “Open Access” version of DCS so these little hiccups are to be expected. Over all I have to admit that the Hornet is progressing very nicely since its early access release earlier this year. From its carrier operations to weapons systems development I am enjoying the evaluation of the F/A-18C Hornet by DCS World.


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