Georgia Reign - Retaliation Documentation

General Information

Welcome to The Fraternity.

This is an all-in-one style Air to Ground, Air to Air attack simulation for DCS World Georgia Caucasus map and supports all modern aircraft and helicopters offered by DCS. A dynamic PvE (Player Vs Environment) style mission that I hope will give you a great flight experience as well as a chance to utilize the skills you have learned as a DCS Pilot. While much of the map will cater to all skill levels many events and actions may require some advanced skills. We did not start this war but it is now time to put things to an end. Now taking more of an offensive role we are taking the fight deep into Russian territory. Our goal is to take control or destroy all Russian occupied bases and FARPS while also maintaining air superiority. Before we get started, lets first go over a few things

Server Rules

The Fraternity Sim doesn’t have a lot of crazy demands. Just a couple of basic rules to make sure everyone has a fun yet relaxing time here on our Servers.

  • No Team Killing Allowed (Strictly Enforced)
  • Takeoff/Land on Runway Only
  • Announce Takeoff/Landing if airspace busy.
  • No Nukes
  • Just play nice - and you will be fine.

Note: If you are banned for any reason, you must take it up in our Court House within our Discord channel. This is the only way to get unbanned.

Server Info & Restart Times

This mission is hosted on its own dedicated box running 24/7 located in the United States. Server is packing a core I7-4790, 32 Gigs RAM, and 500GB SSD all connected to the net on a 1 Gigabit fiber optic connection. Server and mission will restart every 8 hours at 6am, 2pm, and 10pm EST. In case of a system failure or game crash, server will auto restart. Please allow up to 1-3 minutes for mission to return back on line. Be sure to join our Discord for current server status and any scheduled downtimes.

Stats and Data

We collect and save your mission data for your gaming pleasure. Stats can be viewed from our Discord channel or via our website. All stats are collected in real time and can NOT be reset by changing your DCS screen/user name. To have your stats reset, please contact system administrator. Along with collecting stats data other information such as system and mission events are also being collected and stored. This information will help us investigate bans and other negative activities.

Live Map

Also for your gaming pleasure we have provided a Live Map of our situation. Live Map data is updated every 45-60 sec and will provide information and location data of every unit (red/blue) on the map. This will allow you to properly plan out your sorties.


Live ATC and GCI is offered on this server via LotATC. You will need to download and install LotATC to use this service. You will however not need to purchase a license as we have already purchased two server licenses for your gaming pleasure - however, we do encourage you to purchase your own license to help out the developer of LotATC. This is a cool little program they are offering to the DCS community and im sure your support will be greatly appreciated!. All you will need to do is Download LotATC, Install It and connect using our sever info. Live ATC and GCI can only be used by Discord and SRS (Simple Radio) Users. Please visit our Discord channel for LotAtc Server info and to "Go Live".

An example of DCS World and LotATC usage.

Frequencies & SRS Channels

ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service)

With ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) you can hear local weather reports and airfield information via SRS Radio. Just tune into your frequency and your set.

Airfield Freq
Kutaisi 244 Mhz AM
Sochi-Adler 245 Mhz AM
Gudauta 246 Mhz AM
Novorossiysk 247 Mhz AM
Gelendzhik 248 Mhz AM

SRS Channels

While SRS is not required to play, it is highly recommended and encouraged to communicate with other players. If you need help setting up SRS, check out this video.

Airfield Freq
ATC Traffic
Takeoffs/Landings Announcements
260 Mhz AM
Primary Comms 262 Mhz AM
Helicopter Comms 30 Mhz FM
(Ka-50 R828 Preset #5) )
LIVE GCI (LotATC) 257 Mhz AM


London 51 FM 127 Mhz AM
Madrid 53 FM 127.5 Mhz AM
Paris 52 FM 128.5 Mhz AM

Sea Operations

USS Stennis 74x 124 Mhz AM Ch 11
USS Tarawa 2x 125 Mhz AM -


Callsign Freq
Darkstar 255 Mhz AM
Overlord 256 Mhz AM

Fuel Tankers

Callsign Aircraft Alt TACAN Freq
Texaco KC-135 22K Ft 61x 251 Mhz AM
Arco KC-130 19K Ft 62x 252 Mhz AM
Shell KC-133 18K Ft 63x 253 Mhz AM
Texaco 2 KC-130 18KFt 64x 254 Mhz AM

Base and Ground Operations


As we take more of an offensive role we are now taking the fight into Russian territory. Our goal is to take control and/or destroy all Russian occupied airfields and FARPS while also maintaining air superiority. A couple of airfields have already been captured by allied forces but you will have to fight to keep them. The main airfield for allied forces will be Suchi-Adler which NATO forces have already captured.

Allied Bases


Air 2 Ground Strikes on MayKop, Mine Vody, and Krasnadar. Combat Air Patrol, Ground Operations, Close Air Support


Combat Air Patrol, Close Air Support


Air 2 Ground Strikes on Nalchik & Mine Vody, Close Air Support


Air 2 Ground Strikes on Anapa, Krymsk on Krasnadar, Ground Operations, Close Air Support

Diversion Airfields

Gelendzhik and Sukhumi - to be used for emergencies, rearming, and logistics.

Ground Operations

There are quite a few ground attack locations spread out across the map including enemy airfields. Most A2G locations will be in Russian territory. Use the F10 menu for status of enemy bases and ground attack zones. Along with enemy airfields to attack, there are also 3 active ground operations to choose from. Be very prepared when entering these areas as ground operations and bases may be protected by Red CAP units.

  • Operation Zulu [Grid Map - EJ08]
  • Operation Mali [Grid Map - EK42]

Enemy Airfields

  • Anapa
  • Krymsk
  • Mineralnye Vody
  • Nalchik
  • Mozdok
  • Krasnodar Center (Heavily & Aggressively Defended)
  • Krasnodar Pashkovsky (Heavily & Aggressively Defended)

Aircraft Waypoints/Steerpoints: All aircraft have the same waypoints/steerpoints (other then helos)

  • wp1 - Anapa
  • wp2 - Krymsk
  • wp3 - Krasnodar Center
  • wp4 - Krasnodar Pashkovsky
  • wp5 - Maykop
  • wp6 - Mine Vody
  • wp7 - Nalchik
  • wp8 - Mozdok
  • wp9 - Beslan
  • wp10 - Zulu Ground Battle
  • wp11 - NOT USED
  • wp12 - Mali Ground Battle
  • wp13 - Combat Air Patrol (Orbit Start)
  • wp14 - Combat Air Patrol (Orbit 2nd Leg)

Capture Bases

Helicopers will play a vital role in capturing enemy bases. If we can defeate all threats located at an any base it can be captured by allied forces. To capture a base transport troops and disembark those troops on that base befor the enemy has time to reastablish itself at that base. Read more about Helicoper Operations here.

CAP (Combat Air Patrol)

To help maintain air superiority we have established a NO FLY ZONE. All CAP aircraft have been given waypoints. When flying CAP, your primary task is to secure the NO FLY ZONE between WP13 & WP14 while allied strike aircraft will be targeting enemy ground forces in the area. Enemy forces will also be targeting our allied bases of Sochi Adler and Gudauta which must be protected at all costs. While providing CAP you are to also defend our bases against enemy attack. Random Close Air Support tasks may also be within the No Fly Zone and you will be providing air coverage while our allied strike forces answer the CAS call. Use the F10 menu for a CAP picture request or our Live MAP for the most current situation.

SEAD Strikes

Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses or SEAD is a vital role on any battlefield. SEADS are military actions to suppress enemy surface-based air defenses, including not only surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) but also interrelated systems such as early-warning radar and command, control and communication (C3) functions, while also marking other targets to be destroyed by an airstrike.

It is highly recommended that you use our LIVE MAP to seek out, plan and destroy SEADS of higher priority that will move the mission forward. You may also use your F10 menu to list any available SEAD missions.


Strikes are preemptive attacks to damage or destroy strategic military targets and/or civilian targets that could deteriorate the ability of enemy forces to sustain a war.

Current Strike Mission Include:

  • FARP Tolstoy
  • The Kransyy Power Plant
  • Kaluz Supply Warehouse
  • Assokolay Depot - Fuel Tanks (6)
  • Sary Tyuz Comms Tower

Check back here often as additional targets are added.

Close Air Support

Throughout the mission, random calls for CAS (Close Air Support) will be announced along with a small briefing of the task. Most tasks will be supporting soldiers on the ground against hostile targets but you may also be called to take out strategic military targets as well. While a few targets may not be over hostile airspace, many others will be. Be prepared and request air coverage on SRS or Discord if needed. You can check for the most current CAS Operation using the F-10 Menu.

Helicopter Operations

Capture Bases

Helicopers play a vial role in capturing enemy bases. If we can defeate all threats located at an any base it can be captured. To capture a base transport troops and disembark those troops on that base. You can find these helos stationed at every FARP.

Build HAWK Sites and FOBs

You can build US Hawk SAM systems as well as FOB (forward operating bases) in strategic locations to assit in the allied cause.

Troop Transport

As a transport pilot, you will be given a specific task to insert or extract troops from battle once you enter a transport unit. Most LZs will be hot and at lease 2 door gunners should be equipped for protection. As a transport pilot, you should re-frame from equipping rocks as you will need to remain as light and as fast as possible as some LZs will be timed sensitive.

Attack Helicopters

Each FARP has its own helo ground attack zones. When you first enter into an attack helo you, you will be given the status of each target area and their locations via grid map. You are to fly to a zone to destroy all enemy units and safely return to base.

Loading Troops for Transport

To load troops at FARP, fly to the blue or white smoke located at that FARPs Warehouse. This will be your pickup LZ. You can NOT load troops while Parked at FARP. To load Infantry troops select F10->CTLD->Troop Trans->Load Infantry from the menu. This will be done only for Transport helicopters and not attack choppers.

Extracting Troops

If you are extracting from the battlefield, troops will automatically board your helo IF you land in the correct LZ. It is very important that you do this for this to work correctly. LZ will be marked by flares. After extraction, fly troops to your FARP and land near smoke (blue or white) and troops will automatically disembark from your helo.

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