DCS World In VR

Before we discuss DCS World in VR. Let me start off by quickly talking about a completely unrelated subject. A few days ago Eminem dropped a surprise album entitled “Kamikaze”. And I have to tell you this is truly one of his greatest music projects that will go down in the books. My most favorite track of course is the very first one on the album, “The Ringer”. He is coming for everyone! This track alone shows why Eminem is the G.O.A.T. If you haven’t had a change to listen, check it out here, and read this blog while listing to the album. Oh and Your welcome. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

DCS World In VR

Today let us discuss VR in DCS World. Some hate it, most love it. I’m one of those lovers of it. I personally have been flying in VR for well over a year now and there is absolutely no way I could ever go back to playing DCS in 2D. Just can’t do it. I will not do it! It’s like going backwards in life and who the hell wishes to do that? Listen. It’s VR people. You are actually sitting in the cockpit of an F/A 18 Hornet. How in the hell can this NOT be awesome?

But on the other spectrum we do have a few out there who currently frown upon VR in DCS. I mean look, I get it. Digital Combat Simulator has given us an absolutely wonderful product with DCS World but it is not perfect and that also goes for VR. Sure the resolution could be clearer. And yes I have read countless post on the DCS Forums stating how DCS is poorly coded for VR And I absolutely have read the post on many Facebook groups complaining about how some players have very low FPS. So I get it. Heck, even starting out I experienced this and was one of those complainers.

I Fell In Love With DCS

Over a year ago when I started my journey in VR for DCS with the Oculus Rift. I was using a GTX 1060 6GB Ram GPU. To even play this in VR I had to bring all my settings to slow. And still getting less than 45 FPS which is a sweet spot in VR for DCS. Read more about how I setup my rig to run VR here. Well for the Oculus Rift anyhow. And guess what. I was one of those people who did not favor VR at all at the time. I actually thought I wasted $300 bucks on my Oculus Rift. But then something happened. I fell deeper in love with DCS World.

Because of this I decided to upgrade my PC. Yep, that is right. I upgraded my PC solely on the purpose of playing DCS World. Okay maybe to also do a little web development and scripting but still, try to stay with me. My original PC when starting DCS was a Dell XPS 8700. Here were its specs.

  • Dell XPS 8700

  • i7 4790 CPU

  • 16GB DDR3 Ram @ hell i don’t know mhz

  • 160 GB SSD Drive

  • GTX 1060 GPU

Because of the fine folks over at the Digital Combat Simulator Facebook Group, they actually helped me build my very first gaming ridge. And boy is it a beast of a machine. Perfect for DCS World, web development, video editing, and everything in between. Here are the specs to my current gaming PC
PC Parts

  • Custom PC

  • i7 8700K CPU

  • 32GB DDR4 Ram @ 3200 mhz

  • 500GB M.2 SSD Drive

  • GTX 1080Ti OC GPU

My new computer changed my whole view on VR for DCS World. With my new gaming rig I hold a solid 45 FPS and can even burst 90 FPS when flying up high. I also play with all my settings on High, including the frame hungry shadows and using a PD (pixel density) of 1.6-1.7. Stay tuned for the blog post about setting DCS up for VR. That is soon to come.

In Closing

Fact of the matter is, if you wish to really enjoy DCS World in VR and all its glory you are going to need the proper equipment to do it. If you are currently using anything less this a 1080, be a little easy when talking down on VR for DCS World. At the moment you are not doing it just. Sure you can use a 1060 and play VR in DCS, but you are not going to enjoy it like those how have more powerful hardware. Wait till you are able to make some upgrades and I can almost guarantee you will be hooked on VR just as the rest of us are. And when you do, be sure to post about it on the DCS VR Aviators Facebook group. I love to read about those stories. Until next time. Peace.

January 19, 2019
By: FreshOne

the future of DCS is VR and gaming in general. 5-7 years from now most will be playing in VR.

January 23, 2019
By: Redtail

Couldn’t agree more! VR is amazing, no going back for me.
i7-7700k @5GHz, GTX 1080ti, CV1 (pimax 5k on order).

February 10, 2019
By: Element

@Redtail please let us know how that Pimax works out for you when it arrives. I’m thinking about getting me a set.

May 24, 2019
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