Dubai Under Siege 02: Taking Back Dubai Intl

Radical insurgents have taken over the Dubai International Airport crippling transportation in the city. They have set many of the terminals on fire and we must gain back control before they do any more damage. Allied forces are beginning to grasp the upper hand but are in need of additional ground troops. Get allied infantry troops to Dubai Intl to take back the airport.

Instructions: This mission can be played by 1-4 players. Troop transport is the main objective but 2 huey gunships can be used as escorts. 2 Slicks (Transports) & 2 Gunships (Escorts)

Single Player: Select a Huey Transport, Use F10 Menu to Start Mission

Multiplayer: Use F10 Menu to Start Mission. (Do NOT start the mission until all players have entered their units. Enemy ground units based upon the number of players in the game)


  • Pickup Troops at SharJah International Airport
  • Transport Troops into battle at 3 LZs at Dubai International
  • Return to SharJah International when completed. (Not FARP Dallas)

Radio Freq

  • FARP Dallas (ADF 42.00 FM, ATC 127 Mhz)
  • Sharjah International (ADF 52.00 FM, ATC 118.6 Mhz)
  • Bravo LZ (ADF 47.40 FM)
  • Delta LZ (ADF 44.60 FM)
  • Omega LZ (ADF 42.40 FM)
Download Mission

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