The Fraternity Training District

I initially started this map to assist me with training in the F/A 18 Hornet shortly after its release. What started as a simple bombing range to practice on expanded into what I call The Fraternity Training District. This multiplayer map is available for all modern jets and helicopters for Digital Combat Simulator. Tighten your skills and master the systems of your favorite mods. The map has quite a few places to keep you busy rather your new to DCS or a seasoned vet. You can practice dropping bombs on at the bombing range, or test your skills by dodging SAMs near the Alley Cat Valley enemy base. This map provides battle situations for both aircraft and helicopters.  Again, mainly produced this map to practice on so feel free to help you sharpen your skills. For use as a multiplayer server.

★ Way Points ★
Waypoint 1:
Bombing Range

Waypoint 2:
Alley Cat Valley Enemy Camp

Waypoint 3:
Zomleti Urban Conflict Zone

Waypoints 4 – 5:
No Fly Zone Air-2-Air CAP

Waypoints 6-8:
Carrier Ops

*please note WP may change as map evolves.


★ For Helicopters ★
FARP Hollywood – 42Mhz FM
FARP Atlanta – 43Mhz FM
SAM Site 1 – 45Mhz FM

All helicopters are currently stationed at FARP Hollywood. You can find enemy locations in the city of Zomleti and its surrounding areas. Zomleti is located about 7nm southeast of FARP Hollywood. Use F10 for the locations. FARP Atlanta now online. Located high in the mountains you can find FARP Atlanta by using your FM homing radio tuned to 43Mhz FM.

Even more helo battle zones, transport operations, and FARPS coming soon.


★ Tankers ★
Texaco: TACAN 5X – 141mhz AM – 12,500 ft @ 280kts
Shell : TACAN 6X 142mhz AM – 17,000 ft @ 300kts


★ Aircraft Carriers ★
CVN-74 JohnCStennis-1 – In Bay near Batumi – TACAN 1X
CVN-74 JohnCStennis-2 – Sea Ops- TACAN 2X


★ FARPs: ★
FARP Hollywood – 42Mhz FM Homing
FARP Atlanta – 43Mhz FM Homing


★ Enemy Convoys: ★
A new enemy convoys within the conflict zone will spawn about every 30 minutes.


★ Multiplayer Server ★
This mission is to be used as a multiplayer server for you and your squad, friends, team, ect. If running as a public dedicated server, Mission should be restarted every 4-6 hours.


Download Mission

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