Nvidia Announces The New GeForce RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti at Live Event

August 20, 2018

Nvidia 20 Series GPUs Nvidia 20 Series GPUs

Before Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang took the stage, I said to myself, “I hope he doesn’t wear that black leather jacket because its technically still summer”. Well of he walked out on stage with his favorite black leather jacket. The live event started with a little history of GeForce. Going all the way back to 1963. That was a nice little trip back in time. Within the first 3 minutes of Mr Huang being on state, he has already stated that all the leaked data on the internet up-to-date, is completely false. Kind of makes me think Nvidia may have something to do with all of its leaked info.

Well the new cards and released dates have officially been announced and they will not be cheap. The Nvidia RTX GeForce Founders Editions will start at $599 with the RTX 2070. For a little more power you can get the RTX 2080 FE for $799, and you can get the beast RTX 2080 Ti for $1,199. Other units by other manufactures could start as little as $499 for the RTX 2070. But the great news is that per CEO Huang, this family of GUP is the highest performance increase in its history.

Specs RTX 2070 RTX 2080 RTX 2080 Ti
GPU Arch Turing Turing Turing
Clock Speed 1710 MHz OC 1800 MHz OC 1635 Mhz OC
Video Memory 8 GB GDDR6 8 GB GDDR6 11 GB GDDR6
Memorial Speed 14 Gbps 14 Gbps 14 Gbps
Cost $599 FE $799 FE $1,199 FE

Performance Leap

Per Jensen Huang we will also see a nice increase in performance compared to its previous generation. So much so, that its the largest performance increase in Nvidia’s history. While this may be the case they did not provide any benchmark stats at this event. I personally am going to wait for benchmarks to come out before I pass judgement because that is whats most important to me as a gamer.

In Closing

In just about a month now the new GeForce RTX lineup will be available to all. The only bad thing I can think of at this point is how the Crypo miners may buy up all the GPU’s just as they did starting in the summer of 2017. This will sky rocket the prices and make availability next to none. This is currently my only concern. Yes I am going to trade in my 1080 Ti and replace it with a RTX 2080 Ti if I can get my hands on one when its released. I need to have the best for DCS World.  So my question to you is, which GPU will be your next purchase?


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