Dubai Under Siege - Operation Al Maktourm Bridge
Operation : Al Maktoum Bridge

Operation: Al Maktoum Bridge Dubai International Airport has been taken over by insurgents. In an…

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The Fraternity - Bombing A Crude Oil Processing Factory
DCS F-16 Viper – Bombing A Processing Factory

The Mission - DCS F-16 Viper A mission for the DCS F-16 Viper. Maybe if…

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DCS World Night Strike Airbase Raid Cinematic

This AI cinematic work was created by BlackfoxNZ. It's of a nite time raid on…

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Mission Briefing SNOW DESERT Mission 1Download SNOW DESERT Mission 1 ADDownload Fingertip_FormationDownload Fly a troop…

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FARP Hollywood 005
FARP Hollywood 005 – Nighttime Troop Transport thru Active Battle Zone

Six soldiers currently located in the town of Lanchhuti needs to be transferred to the…

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FARP Hollywood 004 – Raiding Enemy Compound

Two weeks ago Caption Charles Watson of Strike Fighter Squadron 125 was forced to eject…

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FARP Hollywood - 003 Huey Medevac - Battle of Bulitsk
FARP Hollywood 003 Huey Medevac – Battle of Bulitsku DCS World

Our ground forces are currently engaging in battle with enemy insurgents in the town of…

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FARP Hollywood
FARP Hollywood 002 – Retaking Zomleti DCS World UH-1 Huey

2 days ago the town of Zomleti located 7nm SE of FARP Hollywood was invaded…

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FARP Hollywood 001
FARP Hollywood 001 – Bravo Team Extraction from Outpost 27B – DCS World UH1 Huey or Mi8

Bravo Team has been in the bush for nearly 2 months. Our commander has order…

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