The Fraternity - Bombing A Crude Oil Processing Factory
Editor: Element 12.2.19

The Mission – DCS F-16 Viper

A mission for the DCS F-16 Viper. Maybe if we start to impact their resources, Russia will come to the table for peace talks. Satellite imagery has located what our generals believe to be is a crude oil processing plant used to convert crude oil into petrol. Taking out this facility could slow Russian aggression across Georgia. The factory is located just inside of enemy territory. Once you drop your bombs you will have no time to waste. Get in and get out.

6Mk 32x and drop tanks have already been loaded. As well as 2 AIM 120s and 2 AIM 9x’s for your protection although skies have been pretty clear of enemy traffic for the past couple of days. An AWACS is currently on station to watch the skies for you.


Destroy your target “Crude Oil Processing Factory” at Steer-point 4 and promptly return to base.

DCS F-16 Viper

Steer Points
1 – Takeoff
2 –
3 – Ingress
4 – Target (Processing Factory)
5 – Egress
6 – Home

Things to Note
Easy comms turned off for this mission. You must properly use radios.
Tune your radio into AWACS immediately after takeoff.
Follow steer-points unless otherwise instructed.
Recommended loadout already selected but you may change.

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