Kobuleti Air Show Map

DCS World Kobuleti Air Show Map

The Fraternity Sim Presents – The Kobuleti Air Show v1.1

Welcome to the Kobuleti Air Show. Show off your flying skills or perform a demo for the good people of Kobuleti. Both the United States and Russia are flexing there muscles by showing off there latest aircraft and ground vehicles. The crowd started to arrive early this morning and now its huge with more visitors still expected. This is currently set up as a single player mission. It doesn’t work correctly as a multiplayer server because of the number of objects in the map.

This map may not be for everyone. Just made it to do some fun aerobatics in front of a large crowd. But I have to tell ya, this looks awesome in VR.

**WARNING: Because of the number of objects placed on this map, This map may require a beefy high-end computer system.

Available Aircraft for Air Show

F/A 18C
Any Aircraft

Note: This map can be set up to use ANY Digital Combat Simulator module in the mission editor. Just select the player aircraft and change it at will.

*for any custom map request, please contact me.

Download Mission

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