FARP Hollywood 001
Editor: Element 10.2.18

Bravo Team has been in the bush for nearly 2 months. Our commander has order some much need R&R for this team and they are currently being transported away from the front lines via APC to OutPost 27B. Your mission is to fly from FARP Hollywood to Outpost 27B and transport the troops back to FARP Hollywood. The FARP Commander has also invitee the families of the troops to welcome them home. Not long after takeoff does our pilot realize this is not going to be a simple back and forth troop transport mission.

(Requires knowledge of Radios, reading F10 map, and intermediate Huey pilot skills)

Your Task
Extract troops from Outpost 27B and return back to Farp Hollywood.

Radio Faq:

FARP Hollywood ATC : 127.5
FARP Hollywood : 50 FM
OutPost 27B: 59 FM

Briefing PDF

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October 1, 2020

Hi Element,

Your servers are awesome!! Thanks for your work an dedication 🙂

However i can’t fly this missions, nothing happens. I don’t know if i don’t fly the correct places to activate the triggers. When i start the mision there are no welcome mesage or something similar like the Yo Yo one, with the 3 Chinooks in scort mision (this ones it works fine).

I usually fly with Beta version.



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