FARP Hollywood
Editor: Element 10.12.18

2 days ago the town of Zomleti located 7nm SE of FARP Hollywood was invaded by a group of armed insurgents from an unknown organization. Our Intel has spotted about 20-25 armed insurgents along with a couple of light armored APC units. Today we are going to retake Zomleti. We are going to fly in 18 ground troops (Team Echo) via CH47D which will split off into two groups when on the ground. A Team and B Team. EagleOne will provide CAS for the ground troops.

Intel Update:

Overnight a 3rd APC, a BTR-80, entered the area and has now taken position within 100 yards of our LZ. That BTR-80 must be taken out before our transport with troops arrive.

Your Mission:
1. Destroy threat located at LZ (WP2) BTR-80
2. Provide Close Air Support (CAS) for ground troops (WP2)

Full Mission Briefing
FARP Hollywood 002 – Retaking Zomleti

Mission Information
-EagleTwo transport will depart shortly after you.
-EagleTwo will hold at WP2 until LZ is clear of threats.
-Your first objective is to seek out and destroy BTR-80 located near our LZ at WP2.
-Destroy any other threats to LZ
-After our troops are deployed, you are to provide CAS until enemy is defeated.

-20-25 armed insurgents
-BTR-80 x 1 armed, APT MTLB x 2 armed
-Transport Vehicles approx 3-5

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