FARP Hollywood - 003 Huey Medevac - Battle of Bulitsk
Editor: Element 10.16.18

Our ground forces are currently engaging in battle with enemy insurgents in the town of Bulitsku. We have gained the upper hand and are now in control of most of the town but the company commander is requesting the injured to be airlift to the near by MASH about 7nm NW of the battle zone. Currently 3 injured allied soldiers need extration to the near by M.A.S.H.

We are to Medevac the injured troops to the near by MASH.

Your Mission

    1. – Extract 3 Injured troops from the town of Bulitsku.
    1. – Transport the injured troops to the nearby M.A.S.H.
    – Respond to any other calls for Combat Medics.
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