Dubai Under Siege - Operation Al Maktourm Bridge

Operation: Al Maktoum Bridge

Dubai International Airport has been taken over by insurgents. In an effort to take back control of the airport and the surrounding area we need to insert some fresh boots on the ground. You’re assigned a troop transport operation to retake the Al Maktoum Bridge which is a major connection to Dubai International. After that, you are to extract J-Squad located in the town of Sharjah and relocate them to allied Sharjah International Airport.

Assignment 1

  • Pickup Your Troops from Allied Al Minhad Airbase
  • Transport troops to Al Maktoum Bridge LZ to take bridge

Assignment 2

  • Extract J-Squad from the town of Sharjah
  • Transport J-Squad to Allied Sharjah International
  • Return to FARP Dallas for debriefing.

Radio Freq

  • FARP Dallas (ADF 42.00 FM, ATC 127 Mhz)
  • Al Minhad Airbase (ATC 121.8 Mhz)
  • Al Maktoum Bridge LZ (ADF 52.40 FM)
  • J-Squad (ADF 43.50 FM)
  • Sharjah International (ATC 118.6 Mhz)


  • This is a trigger based mission, please follow instructions for the mission to work properly
  • Use of ADF radios helpful in locating LZs
  • Consider arming guns at Al Minhad AB to save time.
  • Try to safely land your troops into battle as soon as possible so they can join the fight
  • Stay low when leaving Al Minhad AB as MANPADS have been reported in the area

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March 6, 2020
By: DsPallas

Looking forward to fly this mission… thoroughly enjoyed your earlier missions with the UH-1H!!

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