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The Georgian drug cartel group “KoKain” has been ravaging the city of Batumi for months now. Since their arrival, there has been an increase in violence all over the city with drug-related murders, robberies, and kidnappings. Sources state they are being supplied with weapons that have been trafficked in from Russia.

While they are still a few Kokain cells located within the city, most are currently located deep within the forest behind the Mtirala National Park. The Georgian Army has constructed a camp “Camp Kilo“ deep within the valley in the town of Khichuri in hopes of not only pushing the cartel group out, but also to locate their hidden base. We currently have scouts in the area monitoring the movements on the cartel along the Acharistskali Road and River.

Your Mission

As we begin Operation YaYo which is to drive out the KoKain Cartel from Batumi, we must first get our ground troops to Camp Kilo. Troops have arrived at Batumi International via C130’s this morning and 3 Chinooks are in route to Batumi to transport the troops to our camp. Scouts along the Acharistskali Road has seen an influx of cartel troops so our Chinooks are requesting a gunship escort.  

Troop Transport to Camp Kilo Map

You are to…

  • Fly to Batumi International from your home base of Farp Dallas.
  • Fly Escort for 3 Chinooks to Camp Kilo and back to the city of Batumi.
  • After the mission, fly back to your home base of Farp Dallas.

All troops must make it to Camp Kilo and no Chinooks lost for a successful mission. This mission will take about 1 hour to complete.

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