Fly a troop transport mission as part of the UH-1 Squad WOLFPACK.
Together with your squad leader and a 3rd wingman. Approach the LZ in close formation disembark and assist ground forces in their effort to overtake a city from the unfriendly.

Special thanks to:

CAMINO, JOKER, and NEO from the Tiger Merce / Ugly Angels Squad 
Andreas Lehr, and Marco Kroll 
for the voice-overs

Download Mission

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February 4, 2019
By: SammyWingman

how do we install this?

February 4, 2019
By: Low-Level-Heaven

Copy the miz. file into the Safed Games Folder /DCS open Beta/Missions

February 6, 2019
By: Element

thanks LLH!!! Can’t wait to try this tonight!

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