WORLDS APART – Spring 2025 DCS World UH-1 Huey Campaign Coming Soon

January 24, 2019

Coming soon to Digital Combat Simulator is a new UH-1 Huey campaign for the Caucasus map. Developed by Low-Level-Heaven, Worlds Apart 2025 will be a story-driven campaign of a 4 person German squadron group named “Wolf Pack”. Currently, the campaign is set to have 11 missions, over 1400 custom voice-overs, and 170 pages of documentation detailing each mission.

  • 11 challenging Missions
  • With more than 1400 Voice Overs
  • Voice actors with an American, German and Russian accent.
  • More than 170 Pages detailed Documentation
  • Find mission-relevant information integrated into the Kneeboard files.
  • Interact with Air- Ground- and Naval-Forces

An official date of release has not yet been announced but we are very excited about this campaign and will keep you folks updated on its release date. Stay tuned or visit our friends at Low-Level-Heaven.

Video Trailer

About the Author: Im just a Web Developer, Freelancer, DCS Pilot & Mission Designer, Poet, Singer (in my head), Blogger, Producer, Sea Food Lover who loves the feel of cool beach sand running thru my toes...


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January 26, 2019
By: Huckleberry

Looking forward to it! We’re in sore need of new single-player DCS missions for the huey.
And as soon as March of this year, we will get to sample multi-player missions by the same developers.
Hats off to LLH, o7

January 29, 2019
By: FreshOne

We need more huey campaigns! so looking forward to this! thanks Low Level Heaven!

February 8, 2019
By: DsPallas

Whoa!! Looking forward to THIS campaign!!
All your missions are great and challenging to fly! Well Done!
Feels good every time to start up the Huey and fly these missions!

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